Pipehorn Signal Clamp 5″


A Dual-Frequency signal clamp is a valuable accessory compatible with either Pipehorn model and makes a great addition to your toolkit for cable and pipe location.

The Pipehorn Signal Clamp is used when direct connection is not possible but you still need to isolate a conductor such as a cable within a bundle of other cables. If you’re able to position the clamp around an accessible portion of the target, it will apply a relatively stronger and better isolated signal than inducing through the earth.

The clamp can be used on conductors of 5 inches or less in diameter. A threaded fitting and actuator hole is provided on the handles of the clamp.  These are for use with an extension handle (hot stick) for long reach applications. It can be used up to 13 feet away from the transmitter.

Signal Clamp – Manual


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