Maghorn Magnetic Locator


Maghorn, the ideal tool for locating and pinpointing buried ferrous objects. The Maghorn is designed for easy use, even in difficult areas where shrubs, underbrush and weeds are in the way.

Outperforming metal detectors, Maghorn detects deeper and is more accurate, isolating only the steel & iron targets. No confusion from aluminum cans and other non-ferrous metals.

Simple to learn and easy to use
– Continuously variable sensitivity control
– One control
– One hand operation
– Natural, comfortable grip
– Light weight and compact

– Cast aluminum body
– Durable water proof probe
– Patented Planar-Flux™ sensors
– 3 year warranty

Accurately pinpoints ferrous objects, such as:
– Valve boxes
– Manhole/Vault covers
– Curb stops
– Property corner pins
– Cast iron pipe bell joints

Avoid other trash in the ground
– Finds only iron & steel

Backed by the very best customer service and support, Pipehorn products simply can’t be beat.


Batteries: Two 9 volt Alkaline included
Battery Life: 40 hours continuous usage
Patented Planar Flux™ Sensors
Probe: Water Proof
Unit Weight:  3.4 lbs


 Maghorn Magnetic Locator – Manual

Maghorn Magnetic Locator – Datasheet

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