Pipehorn 800-HL Pipe and Cable Locator


For those looking for a powerful yet simple locator to have on their truck that covers all of your locating needs, look no further than the dual-frequency Pipehorn 800-HL.

The industry-leading 480 kHz high frequency allows professional utility contractors, construction contractors, and site maintenance crews to accurately find their targets, verify marks, and perform safety sweeps to avoid unmarked utilities for safer and more productive digging. Our low 9 kHz frequency covers all the bases for congested areas and/or long distance locates, covering all the bases should include the High Frequency.

While direct connection is always preferable, if it isn’t available, the Pipehorn 800-HL keeps the job going by providing simultaneous conductive transmission of both frequencies.

If you desire a high-frequency addition to your locating tool arsenal or the flexibility of conductive transmission, check out the Pipehorn 800-H.


High Frequency (480 kHz)
Low Frequency (9 kHz)
Modes: Inductive, Conductive, Signal Clamp
Batteries:  Eight C Alkaline included
Unit Weight: 3.4 lbs

Output: Instantaneous, audible from built-in speaker, visual from fast response meter
Sensitivity: Smart Control (semi automatic)
Batteries: Two 9 volt Alkaline included
Weight: 3.4 lbs

3 Years

 800-HL Dual Frequency Locator – Manual

800 Series Locators – Quick Guide

800 Series Series Locators – Datasheet

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