Performing the Pipehorn Safety Sweep


Performing a sweep of an area with a Pipehorn is helpful when you need to quickly find all conductors in the area. It is useful to do this before digging in an area just to be sure there are no conductors that were missed during the locate.

One person holds the transmitter pointed towards the person with the receiver. One person holds the receiver and keeps it in-line with the transmitter.

Stand about 30 feet apart and get a steady tone (strong but not beeping).

Walk in a direction together, maintaining a constant separation distance and keeping the tools in-line with each other (do not adjust sensitivity). Signal strengthens as you walk over conductors. Make temporary marks at the peaks as you pass across conductors.

Now set up at 90° and walk over the same area to look for conductors running in that direction, marking them as you pass. You can also setup at 45° and repeat the process.


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