Using the transmitter to Avoid “Bleed-over” (Inductive)


There are a number of things you can do to avoid bleed-over when using a Pipehorn pipe and cable locator; however, some techniques work better in certain situations. Try some of the following techniques for better results.

Work short distances.

Adjacent conductors will carry some signal and many times become return paths from the target conductor. At first, the signal strength from the target conductor will be stronger. As you walk down the line the signal will weaken to the point that it becomes equal in strength with an adjacent conductor.

The solution is to mark the last known confident spot of the target conductor and move the transmitter to that position, in the direction of the conductor. This will strengthen the signal on the target conductor and let you continue with a confident locate.


Relocate the transmitter away from interfering conductors.

In some situations where there is more than one conductor, you can move the transmitter down the line past where the other conductors separate in direction or spread further apart.

If you have a place to hook up to, connect a wire to the target conductor and lay it out perpendicular to the other conductors. Place the transmitter on the wire, a few feet from the end. The wire acts as part of the conductor and in that position the transmitter will put a much stronger signal on the target conductor vs. the adjacent conductors.

Offset the transmitter.

In a lot of cases you can simply move the transmitter slightly to the opposite side of an adjacent conductor. This puts a slightly weaker signal on the target conductor but also significantly weakens the signal put on the adjacent conductor.

Null out the unwanted conductor.

If there are two lines causing confusion you can place the transmitter on its side in “null” position over the unwanted conductor. This will put a signal on the target conductor and make the unwanted adjacent conductor nearly disappear.

If these techniques don’t work for you, give us a call at 1-800-952-3710. We have a team here that can get you the right technique for your specific application.

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