LC-2500 Water Leak Noise Correlator


Used to automatically pinpoint the precise location of the most difficult to find water leaks in pipes. Small, highly sensitive, submersible sensors “hear” the leak sounds at two locations and transmit them up to 3000 feet (over hills and around buildings) to the main processor unit. Easy to setup and run. You plug in the lengths and types of pipe and it will quickly correlate/find the leak sound location for you!

Large LCD Display readable in very cold and hot temperatures

Compact and Light-Weight
The Main Processor Unit, weighing less than 7 lb., can easily be carried all day.

Ruggedly Built and Weather-Tight
The Main Processor Unit and the Pre-Amps/Transmitters can operate in rain storms, sub-zero temps., and direct sun for hours.

High Sensitivity Sensors Standard
The new LC-2500 sensors are very sensitive, small in diameter, and totally submersible.

No Built-In Rechargables
Runs all day on standard or rechargeable “D” batteries.

Easy to Set Up and Run
Input pipe materials, diameters, and lengths by simply selecting them in the program menus. The automatic functions can do the rest.


  • Amplifier with lighted, large meter display of signal volume control, six selectable filters, battery test switch, lights on-off switch, and High-Low Filter switch.
  • High sensitivity sensor and 9.75 ft long cable
  • Padded carrying case and waist belt
  • Aviation-grade stereo headphones (David Clark brand)
  • Base plate for listening on asphalt or concrete
  • Instruction manual and laminated reference guide
  • Yellow Pelican Carrying Case


5 Years, Amplifier & Headphones;
One (1) Year, Sensor & Cable

 LC-2500 Leak Noise Correlator Datasheet


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