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Utility Locating Products

We are determined to provide you with the simplest, most accurate, and most dependable locating equipment, so you can get your job done quicker, and easier every time.

Pipe and Cable Locators

Black and Yellow Receiver and transmitter with connector cables placed in front of a rectangular yellow case with 800-Series printed on it.

For locating hidden or buried utilities.  Whether you're looking for  water, gas, phone, power, cable, tracer lines, or cast iron, etc.,  Pipehorn has the locator for you.

Gray handled, yellow wand tool placed in front of a yellow case with Pipehorn-Maghorn printed on the front

Maghorn - For locating valve boxes, property pins, manhole covers, and other ferrous objects

Water Leak Detectors

Blue and White Leak Hunting Tool with Digital Screen and Ground Sensor

For tracking down and pinpointing water leaks due to cracked pipes or broken joints.  Whether the leak is large or small these detectors can help find it fast and save you money.  This line includes everything from leak surveying, to leak correlating.

Yellow and black 5" inductive coupling clamp w/ cable

Add these to your locating kit to create more specialized tools for your specific needs.



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