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Model LD-12 "Professional's Plus"

Water Leak Detector

                   Rugged yellow case, silver faced box with a meter and controls inside a blue fabric housing, pack of steel bars, short nut driver, small round magnet, aviator style headphones, small silver handheld device connected to a ground microphone sensor via cable. sales literature

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pinpointing w/LD-12


Manufactured by SubSurface Leak Detection, Inc.


Equipped with filters to isolate target leak sounds and a panel meter that aids in precision pinpointing, the LD-12 is a must for any professional leak hunter.  Engineers have worked hard to create the ideal ground microphone and a low  noise amplifier to reproduce the highest quality leak sounds on the market.  See for yourself.  Call us today for a side by side comparison to determine if it is the best locator for your leak finding needs.


Large backlit meter display to allow the user to pinpoint the exact leak location.

10 sound filtering combinations that are easy to use and understand.

"Limiter" switch for ear protection from sudden bursts of sound.

Highly-sensitive ground microphone combined with a low noise amplifier, offering the best quality sound for leak detection.

Three accessories for attachment to the sensor

  1. Ground Plate for pinpointing

  2. Magnet base for surveying at hydrants/valves

  3. Contact Rod for surveying at meters/fittings




Standard Items & Accessories

  1. Amplifier with Meter Display and Filter Controls

  2. Ground Microphone and Handswitch

  3. Aviation-Grade Stereo Headphones

  4. Heavy-Duty ABS Plastic Carrying Case

  5. Magnet Base

  6. 3-Section Contact Rod

  7. Nut Driver (to remove base)

  8. Instruction Manual (not shown)


Frequency Range:


100 Hz to 1200 Hz (13 dB) w/ Filter-Thru OFF

15 Hz to 30,000 Hz (13 dB) w/ Filter-Thru ON

Power (amplifier):

6 AA alkaline batteries

Battery Life:

Up to 28 hrs. (continuous use)

Weight (amplifier):

31 ounces 




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