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What Our Customers Say About 

Pipehorn Locators:

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"...The first time we got a look at the Pipehorn was when we had called for a utility locate and the technician that came out was using one.  We watched as he completed the locating in record time.  I was so impressed that we went out and purchased one immediately.  We used it on our next couple of jobs, and we will never go back to the other style locator that we used to use.  I used to have to do all our locating myself because the equipment was hard to use and interpret the sounds and readings.  Now everybody does their own locates, because with the Pipehorn, you can be an expert locator in one outing.  Thank you for an excellent piece of equipment.  Job well done!!!"

John Eisenbeis - President - USA Electrical Services - Hudson, FL


"...We have just completed a large scale project in Perth where the Pipehorn was our saviour.  The [other] systems could not locate a 1.5m deep burst 150mm ductile iron pipeline (that had been burst and a new 100mm PE inserted up the main).  The Pipehorn smashed it, no problems.  We also had to pothole over 1200 holes on service lateral feeding houses.  We put the Pipehorn up against the other systems and the Pipehorn proved to be more accurate (X & Y)..."

Chris Bower - Utility Mapping Pty Ltd - Australia


"...I received your product in good shape.  I used it for the first time on a job today.  Found a water main that we would have surely hit if not for the Pipehorn.  I would say that it has paid for itself already.  I will try to steer more sales your way, Thanks..."

Kevin Melton - K Melton Concrete - Dunlap, CA


"...All of our Maghorn 450’s seem to be locating extremely well.  They have a depth range that we find exceptional and extremely useful in our daily routines with finding paved over or lost, due to vegetation, valves and manhole covers.  We all really appreciate you and the products/tools you made available to us because they have been a tremendous asset with locating various covered items..."

 Allen H. Tyree, Jr. - Mobile, AL


"...Thanks so much. The Pipehorn has been a lifesaver here. We use it to locate lines that are leaking so we know where to dig beside the pipe. It has been great to do that and not dig the pipe out by mistake.  It’s also great for marking 811 locates..."

David Rogers - Utilities Director - Town of Williamston, SC


"...You guys have hit a homerun with the 800...Just a little feedback for you, the machine does not bleed off on other utilities like most locators. It seems to go farther and keep a great signal.  It is really worth having.  I have been showing and telling everyone about it.  If anyone has any doubts about buying it let them know they can call us here at DPS..."

James McCarter - Damage Prevention Specialists - Greenville, SC


“…I started using Pipehorn 16 years ago.  I have 5 locators other than myself, all use the Pipehorn.  Ninety percent of our 20,000 locates x 6 utilities per year are done with the Pipehorn…I’ve tried other locators over the years, but top to bottom nothing compares to the Pipehorn.  The Pipehorn is rugged, user friendly, and a precise locator, and precision is what counts in our line of work…”

          Jim Tileston –  FL

            (Winner of the 2003 International Locate Rodeo – Gas Division)



"...Over the past 15 years, Colonial Gas Company, Cape Cod Division, has accumulated 19 Pipehorns.  We have had demonstrations from other pipe & cable locators, but have not found any to be priced as reasonable, reliable, or could match the performance of your locator.  Whenever we have needed service, which is usually due to operator carelessness, we have found your repair service to be swift and of high quality.  For your past record with Colonial Gas Company, I would like to thank you and your staff for a quality product and great service..."

Barry Fernandes - Colonial Gas Company - Hyannis, MA



“…It is everything you said it is – we are now depending entirely on Pipehorn.  We can highly recommend Pipehorn as a very dependable instrument for accurately and quickly locating underground pipe and cable…”

          R.E. Watkins Jr. – Watkins General Contractors – Martinez, GA



“…This instrument has proven to be one of the best investments... Your Pipehorn has paid for itself many times over. It has saved us hours of hand-digging…”

          J. Vernon Bishop – Bishop & Son – Doylstown, PA



“…I used the Pipehorn, as I find it much more convenient, no stooping to operate, and I’ve accurately located service wires 8’ deep mixed in with phone and television.  Also, the Pipehorn works closer to the tone source – making service stubs eaiser to locate.  Thanks for coming up with a machine that makes my job easier…”

          John Thomas – Seattle City Light – Seattle , WA



“…I have used this system for over 10 years now and I find it works better than anything I’ve used so far.  I’m lost without it…”

          Dennis Fox – Culligan Water Conditioning – Tallahassee , FL



“…I love my wife, I love my animals, I love my job, and I love my Pipehorn…Your Pipehorn has had a direct impact on my business…

          Paul Bacon – Subsurface Informational Surveys, Inc.

– East Longmeadow, MA


“…On behalf of PPL Utilities, I’d like to thank you for providing the best manufacturer equipment training I’ve seen.  I sincerely believe all 26 Servicemen left the session with a greater knowledge of locating underground facilities and they received excellent instruction on the use of the Pipehorn. Thanks again for an excellent training program...”

          Richard Muza – PPL Utilities – Allentown, PA




You can provide your own comments using our Feedback form.  We look forward to hearing how our products are doing for you and what your ideas are about making them better.



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