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Proper Sensitivity Setting


When first turning on a MagHorn, the unit produces a high pitch tone for approximately 1 second.  This allows it to condition itself to the earth's magnetic field.


Use the lowest sensitivity setting possible when you start your search.  This will help you to better isolate the intended target.  There are many magnetic fields floating around and if the sensitivity setting is too high, you may get confusing signals.


The MagHorn produces a sharp change in pitch when it finds highly magnetic materials such as property markers, mag-nails, and valve box or manhole covers, etc., even at minimum sensitivity.


Avoid turning up the sensitivity until you are sure of the target's location and need to search deeper.  


Practice on known objects around the office to get used to which settings work the best in your application.

Control knob diagram showning direction for ON being clockwise and OFF counterclockwise

Table of Contents


Pipe and Cable Locator Tips

  1. Setting up the transmitter for Inductive Locating

  2. The Pipehorn 6 Steps to an Accurate Locate

  3. Setting up the transmitter for Conductive Locating

  4. Using the transmitter to Avoid "Bleed-over" (Inductive)

  5. Proper Pinpointing

  6. Isolating lines and Nulling out adjacent conductors

  7. Performing a Sweep of an area

  8. Download the Quick Guide!


Ferromagnetic Locator Tips

  1. Searching Near a Fence or Metal Building

  2. Pinpointing and Tracing Objects

  3. Proper Sensitivity Setting



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