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Pinpointing and Tracing Objects with a MagHorn

As you near a ferrous object the tone of the MagHorn will respond by increasing its pitch, becoming more shrill.


When you are above the target, sweep in an "X" pattern as shown on the right.


As you sweep, note where the signal peaks or is most shrill.  


Adjust your "X" pattern sweep until the peak from each sweep direction occurs in the same spot.  


This will help you find the center of the target object.


Drawing showing a magnetic detector crossing in an X patern over a buried rod.

On vertical objects, such as property pins, the peak signal will occur directly over the center of the pin.  


On horizontal objects, like manhole covers, the peak signal will occur at each edge.  


By lowering the sensitivity it is possible to trace the edge of a buried manhole or valve box.

Drawing showing how a magnetic detectors signal response will peak at the edges of a buried manhole vs. over the center

Table of Contents


Pipe and Cable Locator Tips

  1. Setting up the transmitter for Inductive Locating

  2. The Pipehorn 6 Steps to an Accurate Locate

  3. Setting up the transmitter for Conductive Locating

  4. Using the transmitter to Avoid "Bleed-over" (Inductive)

  5. Proper Pinpointing

  6. Isolating lines and Nulling out adjacent conductors

  7. Performing a Sweep of an area

  8. Download the Quick Guide!


Ferromagnetic Locator Tips

  1. Searching Near a Fence or Metal Building

  2. Pinpointing and Tracing Objects

  3. Proper Sensitivity Setting



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