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Searching Near a Fence or Metal Building with a MagHorn

Typically, under ideal situations you should be able to locate within 2 to 3 inches from a fence using "normal" upright techniques.


However, sometimes you may need to use a "Null" style of locating, which is described as follows:


Near the fence or building where the target object is suspected to be, position the MagHorn as shown in the sketch below.


Set the sensitivity to get a strong tone.


Slowly sweep back and forth in a line along the fence or building.  Moving forward in small increments will prevent passing over the target.


When you are over a ferrous object, the signal output will drop dramatically.


When this happens, the object has been located at approximately 1 " from the end of the probe.

Drawing showing a magnetic detector laying on its side while tracing along a metal fence.


Moving the probe even slightly from this "Null" area should create an immediate increase in signal, thus allowing you to trace the outline of the located object.

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Ferromagnetic Locator Tips

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