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Setting up the transmitter for Conductive Locating

Conductive Locating is when there is a direct connection or hookup made to a conductor.  This can be done with any Pipehorn transmitter.  


You must have access to metal of the target conductor (remove all rust, paint, coatings, etc.).  Connect the red terminal or clip to the target, and the black to the ground placed 90 and as far away as possible from the conductor and away from any known adjacent conductors.  Insert the plug into the jack on the front of the transmitter.  Turn on the Transmitter.


Table of Contents


Pipe and Cable Locator Tips

  1. Setting up the transmitter for Inductive Locating

  2. The Pipehorn 6 Steps to an Accurate Locate

  3. Setting up the transmitter for Conductive Locating

  4. Using the transmitter to Avoid "Bleed-over" (Inductive)

  5. Proper Pinpointing

  6. Isolating lines and Nulling out adjacent conductors

  7. Performing a Sweep of an area

  8. Download the Quick Guide!


Ferromagnetic Locator Tips

  1. Searching Near a Fence or Metal Building

  2. Pinpointing and Tracing Objects

  3. Proper Sensitivity Setting


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